As the Peace UMC has 5 objectives with supporting goals:

  1. “The Church Worshipping” (Spirituality – Welcoming)
  2. “The Church Giving” (Stewardship & Christian Living – Nurturing)
  3. “The Church Teaching” (Christian Education – Nurturing-Equipping)
  4. “The Church Reaching” (Evangelism, Missions, and Outreach – Sending out)
  5. “The Church Growing” (Personal and Community Development – Welcoming, nurturing, Equipping, & Sending Out)

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30 Kirk Ave.
San Jose, CA 95127

Tuesday—Friday: 10:00AM–3:00PM

About This Site

United Methodist Church for the Vietnamese community in San Jose

Find Us

Milpitas Campus
355 Dixon Road
Milpitas, CA. 95035

Worship: Sunday at 9:00AM

San Jose Campus
30 Kirk Ave.,
San Jose, CA. 95127

Worship: Sunday at 10:30AM

Contact Us

Office: (408) 770-9904

Email: info@pumcsj.org